It's your data.You decide what's shared.

Easily share limited account access with your brand partners.
Get in-depth stats and insights on your promoted content.
SocialCert keeps your accounts and your followers safe.
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What is SocialCert by Lumanu?

SocialCert is a tool built by Lumanu in collaboration with influencers and talent managers to help influencers easily control what data and rights are shared with brand partners, for both paid and gifting collaborations.

SocialCert allows influencers to:

  • Manage which partners can access data like post impressions and reach.
  • Manage usage rights for boosting content (also known as "whitelisting")
  • Get visibility into boosted content and performance data
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How does SocialCert protect personal information?

  • SocialCert only uses approved Facebook APIs and secure API tokens to manage account access.
  • SocialCert will never ask for your social login or password information and recommends you do not share this information with anyone.
  • SocialCert uses secure OAuth to communicate directly with social platforms.
  • SocialCert does not use social logins to provide access to any 3rd party sites.
  • SocialCert uses technical and organizational measures to protect the data provided to Lumanu or collected by Lumanu, including communicating only over encrypted protocols and encrypting all data at rest and in transit.
  • SocialCert will not share any information with any 3rd parties unless explicitly requested by you (such as you wishing to share data with a brand partner)

What information is collected through SocialCert?

  • SocialCert only uses approved Facebook APIs and secure API tokens to manage account access.
  • Performance data related to content produced in collaboration with a brand or agency. SocialCert will share aggregate performance data (including but not limited to reach, impressions, engagement) with brands or agencies which you have specifically granted read access to.
  • Personal information, such as your email address, which is provided by you solely for the purpose for which you have provided it, whether it be to register for SocialCert, use SocialCert, or request information from SocialCert. We may also use the information you provide to contact you for reasons related to use of SocialCert.

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