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Why do I need an Instagram Business account?

The FTC is adamant that social content produced as a result of paid collaborations between influencers and brands are clearly indicated as such. In 2017, Facebook and Instagram launched a myriad of features to help content creators mark content as "Branded Content."

For Instagram, the features are only available to Business accounts. Thus, in order to abide by FTC and Instagram regulations, all Instagram influencers who work with brands must have Business accounts.

In addition to complying with regulations, having an Instagram Business account grants several benefits to influencers and brands:

  • Instagram Post and Story Insights
    Instagram Insights lets you learn more about your followers and about how your content is performing with your audience. You can also view insights for specific posts and stories you've created to see how each performed and how people are engaging with them.
  • Fake Traffic Detection
    Instagram Business provides data to verify that likes and comments are not driven by bots and click farms. Instagram is constantly releasing new features to Instagram business accounts to crack down on fake Instagram traffic (i.e., followers, likes, and comments).
  • Contact Information and Category Labels
    Contact information and category labels (such as athlete, author or blogger) are optional and can be turned on or off.

To learn more about how a Business Account can help you, feel free to email us at help@socialcert.me.

Don't have an Instagram Business Account? It only takes a few minutes to set up!
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to switch to a Business account.

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